This is a collection of work ranging from documentary films to animated explanatory motion graphics.
3D and 2D animation and compositing for the award winning feature documentary Free Solo.
Production company: Bigstar
Animation: Chia-Lung Liu, Jun Lee, Brandon Sugiyama 
Animated presentation of the innovative multimedia work produced by The New York Times interactive, graphics, video and photo departments. This video was part of Executive Editor Jill Abramson's presentation at the Davos World Economic Forum. 
Edit and animation: Brandon Sugiyama
Sound design:  Thomas Gamble
Motion graphic sequence featured in the documentary film "Schooled: The Price of College Sports."
Production company: Bigstar
Design: Chris Guyot
Animation: Brandon Sugiyama
Motion graphic sequence featured in the award winning documentary film "The Naked Brand" produced by Questus.
Design and animation: Brandon Sugiyama
Animated infographics visualizing internet video consumption data. Shown at the 2011 YouTube VAB Conference.
Production company: YouTube NextLab
Editing: Sherng-Lee Huang and Phelps Harmon
Design and animation: Brandon Sugiyama

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