This was shown before the first session of the 2016 TED Summit to kick-off the event.
This is the opening video for the 2016 TED Summit in Banff, Canada.
Concept, design and animation:  Brandon Sugiyama
Music:  Diego Lucas, Marmoset Music (
Portraits by Angélica Dass and her Humanae project.  
About the TED Summit:
TEDSummit is a new five-day event for the most engaged members of the global TED community. The gathering will feature a variety of community-led brainstorms, interactive discussions, performances, hands-on workshops, outdoor activities and of course an eclectic TED program of mainstage talks.
TEDSummit 2016 will convene 1,000 people from all over the world — a cross-section of those who’ve helped mold TED into what it is today — for a week of firsts and surprises. Passionate TEDsters will be joined by, new and returning speakers, authors, TED Fellows, TEDx organizers, volunteer translators, TED senior staff, educators and animators, and partners.

I got a shout out from Bruno Giussani, European director of TED and the curator and host of TEDGlobal and TEDSummit..

These bumpers are projected on screen to introduce each speaker as they walk out on stage. I animated three variations with the text in two colors.
These are part of the initial design concepts and style frames that I presented to TED.  I described this treatment as:  "A curious series of kinetic sculptures begin moving to music. Some move like sound waves. Others spin and undulate. Objects respond to audio cues and interact with one another. The collective momentum and energy culminates in a whirlwind of motion. "
Prior to our initial meeting, TED had internally discussed using some of the portraits from Angélica Dass' Humanae project and they provided me with a sampling to work with.  This direction was presented as: "Waves of cards fly into screen, each with an image from Angélica Dass’ Humanae project. The cards follow each other in flowing patterns, building structures and city scapes culiminating in a formation of a globe."
I developed and presented two different directions for the speaker bumpers. Whichever direction we went, I knew that the design would have to accomodate a variety of names, both long and short.  In addition, it would need to be flexible enough to be versioned out for over 50 names.  As you can see, we went with the second direction.

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