• Showdown

  •  "We teamed up with Goodby Silverstein and Partners for Sprint/NASCAR to deliver an intense traveling environmental experience. Surrounding the audience with 8 different driver-inspired animated monsters and 5.1 surround sound, we helped Sprint go beyond their original :30 second spot to take off in hot pursuit of their NASCAR fans." -

    Additional credits: David Leonard, Anthony Enos, Conrad Mcleod, Dean Foster, Paul Trillo, Stacy Nimmo. 

     Here's a short "making of" video I edited showing how the cars, garage and monsters were created. 3D was rendered in Maya, monster animation created in Flash, compositing in After Effects.
  • When Gunshop was being considered for this project, we wanted to show that we'd be capable of coming up with a look for the monsters that was an extension of a previous Sprint piece produced by Three Legged Legs.  Creative director Stacy Nimmo and I spent several days working on a way to transform line-based animation from Flash into wispy trails of light. The following is what we came up with: a combination of duplicated layers, vector blurs, masking, and displacement in After Effects.
Light monsters come to life in this project for Sprint NASCAR.
Motion Graphics