• Showdown

    I started at Gunshop as an intern in December of 2008, just a few weeks before graduation from Ex'pression College. This was one of the first big projects I worked on while still an intern.

    One day, the agency called unexpectedly to come over to the Gunshop office for an edit session. That day, there were only two people in the office that could use Final Cut Pro: the creative director and myself. Somehow it was decided that it'd be better to have me in the driver's seat. The team from Goodby, Silverstein and Partners arrived: a creative director, art director, writer and producer. I'd only been using Final Cut seriously for a few months and I was mortified, but put on my best game face. At one point, the art director asked me to add a simple drop shadow to some text and I couldn't remember how to do that in FCP, so I quickly opened After Effects, created the text and brought it back in.

    Several hours later, the edit session was over. I survived!

    It was during this project that I was offered a full-time position at Gunshop: my first "real" job in motion graphics!

    CREDITS: Paul Trillo, Dean Foster, Anthony Enos, Conrad Mcleod, David Leonard, Stacy Nimmo, Brandon Sugiyama
  •  "We teamed up with Goodby Silverstein and Partners for Sprint/NASCAR to deliver an intense traveling environmental experience. Surrounding the audience with 8 different driver-inspired animated monsters and 5.1 surround sound, we helped Sprint go beyond their original :30 second spot to take off in hot pursuit of their NASCAR fans." -

    Additional credits: David Leonard, Anthony Enos, Conrad Mcleod, Dean Foster, Paul Trillo, Stacy Nimmo. 

     Here's a short "making of" video I edited showing how the cars, garage and monsters were created. 3D was rendered in Maya, monster animation created in Flash, compositing in After Effects.
  • When Gunshop was being considered for this project, we wanted to show that we'd be capable of coming up with a look for the monsters that was an extension of a previous Sprint piece produced by Three Legged Legs.  Creative director Stacy Nimmo and I spent several days working on a way to transform line-based animation from Flash into wispy trails of light. The following is what we came up with: a combination of duplicated layers, vector blurs, masking, and displacement in After Effects.
Light monsters come to life in this project for Sprint NASCAR.
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