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  • Center for the Health Professionals

    I love projects with limitations. I was three months into a long-term project when Urge Productions approached me work on this logo animation. I was feeling a bit drained from the demands of my current project and originally thought there was no way I could take on additional work. But the logo animation lined up with a holiday and some time off and I felt like getting my mind off my current project and working on something completely different would be a good change of pace.

    The logo animation also had a limited budget and considering it was going to happen over the holidays, I scheduled a tight production schedule fo: two hours on styleframes and concepts; two hours on storyboards; two hours on a motion test; two hours on the final motion and render.

    Jeff at Urge Productions was a great person to collaborate with and the custom composed music really sets this off. Really happy with the final result!

    CREDITS: Jeff Steinmetz, Brandon Sugiyama
    PRODUCTION COMPANY: Urge Productions
Logo animation for the Center for the Health Professions - University of San Francisco.
Motion Graphics